Quality and Safety

Quality Providers

Clinical quality starts with hiring qualified, experienced emergency physicians and mid-level providers who match the specific needs of each hospital. At ER-One, we employ residency trained, board-certified physicians and certified physician assistants and nurse practitioners. We maintain the highest standards in selecting providers because we are not just in the business of recruiting providers; we are committed to recruiting the right providers for each facility.

What makes ER-One unique is our focused approach to quality and safety. Too often, hospitals are staffed with skilled clinicians who may not understand or appreciate the full quality-of-care outcomes of their role. Our providers are educated on the business impact they have when delivering quality and safety in their care. They participate in ongoing quality methodology and leadership training ranging from quality planning, quality improvement, process management, results reporting, and data analysis, to reimbursement and risk management education, customer service techniques and best practice programs.

Quality Leadership

ER-One provides leadership and support where it’s needed most: on-site. Our staffing model utilizes a site medical director, assistant medical director and MLP site coordinator, who work with hospitals to expedite patient care, streamline throughput times and ensure customer satisfaction. The site medical director coordinates ED operations with hospital strategy and quality goals and objectives, participates in hospital committees, assists in program development, initiates improvements and innovation, and promotes best clinical practices throughout the hospital. The assistant medical director supports the initiatives of the medical director and takes responsibility of the site quality review.

To provide guidance and leadership on the clinical aspects of our company’s quality management system, ER-One employs a Physician Quality Director. The Physician Quality Director designs and implements processes to enable effective process management, measurement of the quality, and appropriateness of care. With access to and support from the ER-One management team, our clinical leaders help lead the hospital to clinical and operational excellence.

Performance and Quality Measures

Monitoring quality data is critical. At each facility our medical directors use dashboards which display significant data on quality of care and patient satisfaction in an easily understood format. Elements include issues that are top of mind for our clients such as core measures, patient satisfaction, physician performance, process efficiencies, and corporate/facility strategy and initiatives. These dashboards are shared, reviewed and monitored continuously to quickly detect negative trends and identify process improvement opportunities.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

As part of our commitment to quality care and patient safety, we partner with each hospital to deliver care that meets and exceeds all of the identified core indicators. The core indicators are continuously monitored and used for provider education and trending to uphold compliance with the indicator. We compare our performance to our goal and take steps to improve should any variation occur.

We are focused on minimizing the risk of the hospital and the patients through preventative measures and continuing education. This is why we incorporate a clinical quality and safety review process within our organization. In addition, ER-One implements improvement actions and provides recommendations to hospital administration for actionable results.

At ER-One, we encourage and support a process improvement mentality throughout our organization. We follow a definitive process for quality improvement and as a result have been instrumental in developing protocols throughout our hospitals.

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