Operational Excellence

Does this sound familiar? A hospital implements a patient response time guarantee to “improve satisfaction” in the emergency department. The result – patients receive their initial service more quickly, but a host of other problems are uncovered. Door to admit times increase. Core measures decline. Worst of all, patent satisfaction declines from not meeting expectations regarding the total visit time.

How can this happen?

The above are symptoms of a hospital staffing company that lacks operational excellence. At ER-One, “operational excellence” is a core value that we supply along with our medical staff. More than just clinical excellence, ER-One provides expertise to determine root causes of problems. We employ a Quality Management System approach to uncover the facts and determine the steps necessary to make improvements.

When you staff hospitals for over 30 years, you are bound to have problems along the way. What separates ER-One from most staffing companies is the pro-active approach that we take to these problems. We work with all areas of the hospital system (administration, clinical staff, nursing, radiology, etc.) as a cross-functional team to make changes. Working with this team, we create a gap analysis to prioritize action items. Our gap analysis includes:

  • Opportunities for Improvements
  • Action Plans
  • Responsibility (ownership)
  • Timing

If you view hospital staffing as more than just supplying clinicians, ER-One is your choice. In addition to providing excellent doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, ER-One provides the expertise and the desire to bring about improvements to the customers we serve.

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