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Service One is a unique program that places staff in an emergency department focused entirely on the patient. Service One staff are non-clinical. Their sole focus is on managing the patient experience in order to create a more positive visit to the Emergency Department. Service One focuses on each patient’s unique needs to deliver an enhanced level of service that becomes apparent through increases in the hospital’s patient satisfaction scores.

Service One staff :

  • Communicate information regarding wait times
  • Provide care and comfort items such as food, beverages and blankets
  • Provide useful information regarding hospital facilities such as restrooms and cafeterias
  • Provide activities such as coloring books, crayons and reading material to engage patients
  • Respond to concerns regarding patient satisfaction
  • Deliver routine contacts with patients and family members throughout their length of stay
  • Provide feedback on opportunities for improvement

While the clinical staff stay focused on clinical outcomes, Service One staff stay focused on the patient and take ownership of their experience. Things that might fall through the cracks of a hospital’s complex system are closely monitored by a Service One representative. By attending to the patient’s immediate needs, satisfaction problems are either prevented or resolved during the visit.

In addition, Service One staff manage a unique customer satisfaction survey to gain continuous, real-time feedback from patients. Information from these surveys is fed back to the hospital in order to facilitate changes and adapt to the customer’s voice. Satisfaction improvement opportunities are tracked and trended. This feedback is regularly available to Hospital Administration to assess root cause and identify areas for change.

Hospitals that implement Service One can expect such changes as:

  • Increased patient satisfaction scores from national surveys
  • Increased response rates to national satisfaction surveys
  • Patient referrals, leading to increases in volume
  • Increased provider satisfaction
  • Identified improvement opportunities and recommendations

At ER-One, Service Excellence resonates in everything we do. The Service One Program is designed specifically to exceed patient’s expectation and create “raving fans” of your hospital. Let us integrate our service quality program, knowledge and experience into your organization and discover the benefits for yourself. To have a Service One representative follow-up with you, please complete our on-line contact form.

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