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If you are considering a change to your emergency department staffing group, ER-One has a solution for you.

It Starts With Good Genetics

A solid emergency department staffing company is created from “good genetics” – the people who make up the company. ER-One is proud of the leadership team that sets direction for the company. ER-One was founded by Dr. Ernest Sorini and is physician owned. You can read more about the leadership team¬†here.

Day One and the Journey

When most institutions consider a change in emergency department staffing, they focus on the events that surround a transition on day one. Can they make a change without significant disruption to the hospital? At ER-One, the key to success on day one comes from two factors – solid planning and access to physicians. Planning takes place in a series of meetings with hospital administration and medical staff in advance of day one. During these meetings a gap analysis is performed to make sure all people are prepared for the transition and that ownership for any changes is assigned. The second factor for a smooth start is access to physicians. ER-One’s size (staffing many different emergency departments), reputation and national recruiting partner give the company access to a wealth of physicians.

At ER-One, the “journey” is the most important aspect of long term success with our customers. This journey begins on day one and continues every day for the length of the contract. The journey is all about monitoring, measuring, tracking, reporting and making improvements in partnership with the hospital. Those improvements might be in core measures, patient satisfaction or other hospital care initiatives.

An example of a “journey” can be seen in our work on patient service guarantees. Patient service guarantees are a commitment to patients that they will be seen within a specified time period from their entry into the emergency department. Far more than just a promise regarding initial access to care, patient service guarantees create a need for changes throughout a hospital in order to manage patient care from door to discharge. ER-One has partnered with our customers to enact patient service guarantees. These partnerships involve the creation of cross-functional teams to review and improve hospital processes. A change of this magnitude is not a single event. The “journey” of implementing a patient service guarantee involves constant measure, monitoring and adjustment over an extended period of time.

Emergency Department Staffing

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